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Zündapp KS 600 1939 600cc 2 cyl ohv


Zündapp KS 600 1939 600cc 2 cyl ohv

Manufacturer: Zündapp

Model: KS600

Year: 1939
Displacement: 592 cc
Cylinder: 2
Engine type: 4-stroke / ohv
Power: 28hp
Weight: 195 kg

Frame number: 504780
Engine number: 507582

The company Zündapp was founded in 1917 by Dr. Fritz Neumeyer and Friedrich Krupp. Zündapp has manufactured ​​two-wheelers from 50cc to 797cc. From 1938 Zündapp KS600 was offered. The engine had an output of 28 hp. He had a stroke of 67.6 mm and a bore diameter of 75mm and this machine was in the military and the authorities very popular. The KS600 was sold as a solo or with a sidecar motorcycle. In the military, she was regarded by her side car practicality and durability greatly. This was the military one of the largest buyers of this bike. The motorcycle reached with the 4-speed transmission and its 3,5 x19 inch tires have a maximum speed of 95km/h. A total of 21,520 motorcycles were produced by the Type KS 600.

The Zündapp provides a very good basis for a restoration. The engine has very good compression.