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UT Bergmüller RC SV 600 1930 600cc 1 cyl sv Blackburne

€ 32.250

UT Bergmüller RC SV 600 1930 600cc 1 cyl sv Blackburne

Manufacturer: UT

Model: RC SV 600

Year: 1930
Displacement: 600 cc
Cylinder: 1 - Blackburne
Engine type: 4-stroke / sv

Frame number: 11994
Engine number: FLA6651

We are offering a rare UT Bergmüller from 1930. With 591cc, the RC SV 600 was the largest displacement top model in the side valve class. The customer could choose between a JAP or Blackburne engine. UT was ahead of its time, using only high-quality components with great attention to detail. The lighting system and horn are from Bosch, the speedometer from P&S, the carburetor was purchased from Amac and the suspended 4-bolt gearbox came from Hurth. The UT is in running order and still has its original paintwork. The original nameplate matches the frame and engine number. Another nice detail is the original dealer's plate on the front mudguard. The motorcycle was sold by the dealer "Auto- und Motor- Vertrieb St. Prümper in Bade Aachen, Germany".