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Triumph BDG 250 250cc 1951 1 cyl ts


Triumph BDG 250 250cc 1951 1 cyl ts

Manufacturer: Triumph

Model: BDG 250

Year: 1951
Displacement: 248 cc
Cylinder: 1
Engine type: 2-stroke
Power: 12hp @ 3900 rpm
Weight: 137 kg
Top Speed: 110 km/h

Frame number: 285288
Engine number: 285288

One thinks of Triumphs as the quintessential British motorcycle, but the firm was actually founded by a German. Seigfried Bettmann immigrated to Coventry in 1884 and began manufacturing bicycles in both England and Germany. Shortly after the turn of the century, he turned his attention to motorcycles and these were also made in both countries. To avoid confusion between the two Triumph companies, the German bikes were ultimately named TWN (Triumph Werkes Nurnberg). With the advent of the Great Depression, Triumph, now in both the motorcycle and car business, spun off the German subsidiary. It became part of Adler-Triumph, another auto and motorcycle maker. The TWN motorcycle marque lived on until 1957.

This Triumph is presented in authentic condition and runs very well.