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Triumph 3HW c.1942 350cc 1 cyl ohv


Triumph 3HW c.1942 350cc 1 cyl ohv

Manufacturer: Triumph

Model: 3HW

Year: c. 1942
Displacement: 342 cc
Cylinder: 1
Engine type: 4-stroke / ohv
Power: 17hp
Weight: 145 kg

Frame number: 3HW 42834
Engine number: TL 32834

Triumph, the second oldest Motorcycle producer worldwide, was founded in 1886 and started his production in 1902. The 3HW model was the military model of the Triumph Company. With the outbreak of war in September 1939, the War Department requisitioned the complete stock of the civilian motorcycles. The Coventry frim went on to develop a 350cc twin-cyclinder model....the 3TW..... The 3TW was used for military purposes. In November 1940 in the factory who built the 3TW Engine was destroyed by air raids. After the air raids, the production was continued in Meriden, Warwickshire. In the factory in Meriden were then converted to single-cylinder 3SW side-valve and 3HW over-head-valve models. The engine of this models was based on the pre-war model Tiger 80 sports roadster. At this time some metals such as aluminium were in short supply. Triumph change some metals of the engine production. For example….. the aluminium cylinder head was changed into cast iron.The engine have an power of 17hp at 5200upm. The compression ratio is 1:6.7. The motorcycle reached with his 145kg an topspeed of 115km/h. Tyre 3.25-19. The cylinder diameter 70mm / stroke 89mm. The 3HW 342cc and a fuel consumption of 3.5l/100km. In the late 40’s, the Illichmann Company (Austria) equipped the motorcycle with a front fork and rear suspension. Josef Illichmann had a large foundry in Vienna, where he produced front forks and rear suspension from 1933-1955. Additively, he produced V2 250cc and 500cc ohv race engines. A lot of the well known motorcycle brands were equipped with parts of Illichmann’s produce. Furthermore, Josef Illichmann was a famous motorcycle racing driver.

The powerful 3HW single cyclinder ohv models were mainly used by Royal Navy for despatch duties and general liaison. The less powerful 3SW Models was reserved for the Women´s Royal Naval Service (WRNS). This bike is a perfect offer for a restoration project. The engine turns over. The gears of the gearbox shift.