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The Bradbury 3.5hp 1912 554cc 1 cyl sv


The Bradbury 3.5hp 1912 554cc 1 cyl sv

Manufacturer: Bradbury

Model: 3.5hp

Year: 1912
Displacement: 554 cc
Cylinder: 1
Engine type: 4-stroke / sv
Bore / Stroke: 89 x 89 mm

Frame number: 13758

Bradbury & Co Ltd was founded in 1862. It was UK’s first and largest sewing machine manufacturer but Bradbury & Co. of Oldham started in 1852 as Britain’s and Europe’s first sewing machine manufacturer. The company then manufactured bicycles from 1895, and its first motorcycles were produced in 1902 as bicycles with clip-on Minerva engines. In the early 1900s diversified into making other things. These included prams, bicycles and eventually motorcycles. The company later produced single-cylinder, V-twin and horizontally-opposed-twin motorcycles. The main stay of the Bradbury motor cycle range was the 3½ h.p. single cylinder machine introduced in 1909. Year by year the models were improved: by 1908 both valves were mechanically operated, by 1910 the crankcase ran on ball bearings. In 1910 the Company announced that it had made considerable improvements in detail, finish and fittings to the 1909 Model and in 1911 the Company produced two versions - the Standard Model and the Speed Model.The only differences between the 1911 3 ½ h.p. Standard Model and that of the previous year were both wheels were fitted with Dunlop Rubber studded non skid tyres and the saddle was change to Brooks' B 104/4 padded. In 1912 the 3½hp Bradbury employed a single-cylinder sidevalve engine of 554cc and could be ordered in single-gear belt-driven form or with the refinements of hub gears and chain drive. Perhaps the model's most unusual feature was a crankcase integral with the frame 'ensuring better balance, greater strength and rigidity'. The 1912 Bradbury motorcycles were one of the earliest with variable gearing. Although the factory survived the First World War it closed in 1924.

This rare and authentic survivor is fitted with a Brown and Barlow carburetor, Powell and Hanmer headlight and a Bosch magneto. It's an older restoration and a good runner.