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Terrot Motorette No2 264cc 1909 1 cyl aiv

€ 9.600

Terrot Motorette No2 264cc 1909 1 cyl aiv

Manufacturer: Terrot

Model: Motorette No2

Year: 1909
Displacement: 264 cc
Cylinder: 1
Engine type: 4-stroke / aiv

Frame number: 5740
Engine number: 22100

This early Terrot is part of the success story of the French motorcycle industry. The design of the motorcycle is interesting, especially the two-part carburetor. Below is the float chamber with atomization and above the valve is the air intake. The exhaust is controlled by a camshaft. Inlet is an atmospheric valve. The engine runs. The cylinder number matches the number on the crankcase. A pioneer motorcycle with an age of over 100 years.