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Sunbeam 3.5hp 1922 500cc 1 cyl sv


Sunbeam 3.5hp 1922 500cc 1 cyl sv

Manufacturer: Sunbeam

Model: 3.5hp

Year: 1922
Displacement: 500 cc
Cylinder: 1
Engine type: 4-stroke / sv

Frame number: 5689
Engine number: 15106

John Marston, a successful Victorian domestic-ware maker in Paul St. Wolverhampton, ventured into bicycle-making in 1887. His machines, sold as 'The Sunbeam' soon becoming famous for their beautiful, black-japanned and gold-leaf finish and were always expensive, coinciding perfectly with the boom in 'society' cycling of the 1890s. Marston prospered and the company's first car was made in 1899, but motor cycles were not made until 1912, making this their Centenary year. John Marston reluctantly entered the motorcycle industry in 1912 when he was 76 years old, but instilled superb quality and exceptional finishes in his products. These qualities became the hallmark of his Sunbeam motorcycles, and with their glistening black paint finished in gold leaf striping they had to have been extremely pleasing to the eye, even to non-motorcyclists. The Sunbeam was marketed as the "Gentleman's Machine" yet the company produced some nice sporting motorcycles and owners competed in many events onboard their Sunbeams. Sunbeam was one of the best known motorcycle brands of the history of UK.

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