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Scott Super Squirrel 1926 600cc 2 cyl ts


Scott Super Squirrel 1926 600cc 2 cyl ts

Manufacturer: Scott

Model: Super Squirrel

Year: 1926
Displacement: 596 cc
Cylinder: 2
Engine type: 2-stroke
Bore / Stroke: 74.60 x 68.25 mm

Weight: c.140 kg
Top Speed: c.110 km/h

Frame number: 1850
Engine number: Y9746

Bradford-born inventor Alfred Angas Scott’s experiments with two-stroke motorcycle engines began in the closing years of the 19th Century, leading to the grant of a patent in 1904. Scott’s original design for a vertical twin two-stroke engine incorporated the central flywheel with 180-degree overhung cranks and slim connecting rods that would characterise his products from then onwards. Although recognisably derived from Alfred Angas Scott’s earliest designs, the Scott motorcycle of the 1920s gained steadily in both complexity and weight. A three-speed countershaft gearbox had been introduced for 1923 and, as a result of the racing programme, there was a new duplex frame and bigger brakes for 1927. For the traditionalists, the old-style, lightweight, two-speed model soldiered on, remaining in production into the early 1930s.

This bike has been restored years ago. Notable parts on this fast and light bike are the proprietary Bowden carburetor, Fellows Magento and double drip feed system. This 600cc two-stroke bike runs fine.