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Puch 150 TL 1952 150cc 1 cyl ts


Puch 150 TL 1952 150cc 1 cyl ts

Manufacturer: Puch

Model: 150 TL

Year: 1952
Displacement: 150 cc
Cylinder: 1 – split single
Engine type: 2-stroke / ts
Bore / Stroke: 40 x 59.6 mm
Power: 7hp @ 5.500 rpm
Weight: 96 kg
Top Speed: 85 km/h
Production years: 1951 – 1953
Units: 22.611

Frame number: 405967
Engine number: 405967

The model name TL stands for touring luxury. Between 1951 and 1953, 2,430 of these 150s left the Puch works. Together with the sports model 125SL, the TL also had the shell frame and high 19-inch wheels as a feature. The TL models were painted blue, while the SL, like all sports models, was delivered in red.

The painting was not done professionally. The engine runs fine.