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O.D. Ostner Dresden SS50 1930 500cc 1 cyl ohv


O.D. Ostner Dresden SS50 1930 500cc 1 cyl ohv

Manufacturer: Ostner Dresden

Model: SS50

Year: 1930
Cylinder: 1 MAG
Engine type: 4-stroke / ohv
Power: 22hp
Weight: 170 kg

Frame number: 1C9H8 504215
Engine number: 11890

The firm O.D. (Ostner Dresden) was founded by Willy Ostner in Dresden. Willy Ostner produced motorcycles until 1936. Chief designer of the motorcycles was Dipl.Ing.Pobel. Carl Ostner was the brother of founder Willy Ostner and was the frame specialist. He was able to bring his acquired knowledge from his previous firm by Renner & Poppe. Carls Ostner itself was earlier a motorcycle racer. For this reason, some racing drivers such as Arno Zaspel (works-master bei O.D.), Franz Heck, Emil Schweitzer, Zwolle, Bocktenk, Hans von Tümpling used motorcycles of Ostner Dresden. The most used models for racing was the 1000cc combination and the 500cc SuperSport model. For series production used O.D. engines from 200cc – 1000 V-Twin. The engine supplier was Ilo, MAG, JAP, Sturmey Archer. This SS50 model with MAG engine and the Burmann 3 speed gearbox had a weight of ca.140kg. The engine had a displacement of 498cc and a power of 22ps at 4600upm. Bore: 82mm / Stroke: 94mm. The pistons were of light alloy. The Burmann gearbox was very solid build and equipped with a 4-plate clutch. The heavy frame was designed for good handling at high speeds. The frame was very sturdy and torsionally rigid. The main tubes of frame are made of Swedish special steel. The junction sleeves were made of shatterproof and forgeable cast iron. Willy Ostner were 10 years warranty on the frame. The SS50 had 3.5x25 inches tires and reached a topspeed of 130km/h. For the deceleration the motorcycle were equipped with a front brake with 200mm diameter and a rear brake with 150mm. The TS50 ioe was the less powerfull model of the SS50 ohv.

The rear saddle and the switch lever is not original. This complete and untouched SS50 provides a very good restauration project. The engine and frame number matching and are original of the O.D. factory.