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NSU 502 Sport 1927 500cc 2 cyl ioe V-twin


NSU 502 Sport 1927 500cc 2 cyl ioe V-twin

Manufacturer: NSU

Model: 502 Sport

Year: 1927
Displacement: 500 cc
Cylinder: 2 - V-twin
Engine type: 4-stroke / ioe
Power: 14hp @ 4000 rpm

Frame number: 483238
Engine number: 78583

The NSU brand has deep roots in German industry, as the Mechanische Werkstätte zur Herstellung von Strickmaschinen was established in 1873 as a knitting machine manufacturer. Mass-produced clothing was a novelty in the 1800s, and automatic weaving and knitting a revelation—now people could afford ready-made clothing constructed to a high standard. Founder Christian Schmidt was a technically savvy entrepreneur, and he established his factory on the Danube river in the town of Riedlingern. By 1880, a move to larger premises in Neckarsulm was required, and the business really grew and diversified, building high-wheeler bicycles from 1886 called the Germania. Such was the popularity of bicycles in the era that the company dropped knitting machines entirely by 1892 to focus on bicycles, and the company began trading as the Neckarsulm Strickmaschinen Union. Its first motorcycle appeared in 1901, with a Swiss 3/4 HP Zedel motor bolted to an NSU bicycle. In 1927 both V-twins was catalogued the NSU 502 Touring and the NSU 502 Sport.

Note: The chain cover is missing. This authentic NSU 502 Sport twin has been found as a barn find in 1990 in Rügen, Germany. Afterwards this bike has been complete restored with careful. She is equipped with an acetylene lighting set, Pallas carburetor, Bosch magneto and a three speed gearbox.