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NSU 201 TS 1930 200cc 1 cyl ioe


NSU 201 TS 1930 200cc 1 cyl ioe

Manufacturer: NSU

Model: 201 TS

Year: 1930
Displacement: 199 cc
Cylinder: 1
Engine type: 4-stroke / ioe
Power: 4.5hp

Frame number: 836105
Engine number: 131254

In 1873 two young mechanics, Heinrich Stoll and Christian Schmidt, opened a "Mechanical shop for manufacturing knitting machines" in Riedlingen an der Donau before moving to more suitable facilities in Neckarsulm. They derived the name NSU from the first letters in the names of the rivers surrounding the plant: Neckar and Sulm. The knitting machines sold well but the bicycle had become extremely popular and the young entrepreneurs were early adopters - they became "Neckarsulmer Fahrradwerke". The NSU bicycles gained widespread acceptance and the development from high wheeler to more modern ball-bearing equipped bicycles progressed rapidly. From the bicycle to the motorcycle was not a long step and by 1901 the very first NSU motorcycle was ready. It had a 1,5 hp motor, imported from Zedel of Switzerland. In 1903 NSU began production of motors and by 1904 there were six different models to choose from. NSU was well aware of the importance of racing their products and that doing so had a positive effect both for development, and sales. And many were the records and victories. By 1910, strong inroads into export markets had been achieved. with NSU accounting for 22% of motorcycle sales in the England. In 1905 NSU had a very popular 3 hp version and in 1909 a large V-twin of almost 1000cc was introduced. Along side the successful motorcycle production the manufacturing of automobiles slowly began. In 1905 the first car was presented and only a couple of years later several motor alternatives ranging from 1300cc to almost 4 litres were available. Soon also taxicabs and small lorries (trucks) were put in production. WW 1 slowed the speed of development down as NSU contributed with both cars and motorcycles to the "Wehrmacht". NSU was a very early manufacturer of motorcycles in the Germany history. 1930 NSU catalogued models 201T, 201TS, 301T, 301TS, 501T, 501TS,…. The “TS” models were saddle tank and “T” were flat tank bikes with both sv and ioe engines.

This lovely 1930 NSU 201TS ioe has been restored with care. Part of this bike is a complete Noris lighting set, Noris magneto, Bosch horn and a AMAC carburetor.