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M.T. 500 JAP 1930 500cc 1 cyl sv


M.T. 500 JAP 1930 500cc 1 cyl sv

Manufacturer: M.T.

Model: 500 JAP

Year: 1930
Displacement: 486 cc
Cylinder: 1 - JAP
Engine type: 4-stroke / sv
Bore / Stroke: 85 x 85.7 mm
Power: 14hp @ 3800 rpm
Weight: 145 kg

Frame number: 961
Engine number: K/C3019

Graf Matthäus Thun was known in Paris for his involvement with the French marque La Préféré in 1914. The “Motorradwerk Graf Matthäus Thun” was a small motorcycle manufacture in Vienna, Austria. Mr. Thun was involved in motorcycle production from 1925-1935. The engines suppliers reached from Villiers, JAP, Blackburne and MAG. Motorcycles were built along English lines in capacities of 150cc to 500cc, along with a 750cc V-twin JAP or Villiers. M.T. used gearboxes from Burman, Sturmey-Archer, Moss or Albion. The Villiers engines included the famed 344cc twin and a 247cc watercooled single. The firm and Matthäus Thun was a big enthusiast of racing in Austria. He and his company was active involved in racing and won many those. M.T. catalouged this bike for 2.600 Schilling. The customer could order for extra money a MagDyno (standard was only a magneto), food pads, pillion seat, ammeter, horn, speedo and lighting set. In 1938/39 M.T. stopped his production and the doors has been closed for ever.

History: In 1990 this bike was in possession of Mr. Josef Hofstädter, Guntramsdorf, Austria. At time it has been used regularly and had the old Austrian reg. number “W 11167”. In 2000 Mr. Dr. Bertold Thunn (Matthäus Thun was his grandfather) bought this bike and decide to restore it and display it in a museum in Lower Austria for public viewing. His aim was the representation of this bike for all enthusiasts and to publish the history its family-> The THUN family. In c. 2000 Mr. Karl Jury a friend and motorcycle enthusiast restored this bike in behalf of Mr. Dr. Berthold Thunn to high standard. After the restoration it spent 20 years in the museum. This bike includes a book (copy) with the complete family history and the history of the company M.T. incl. some models and race results. It comes with many of old pics. of the company and pics. of this bike in unrestored condition of 1990 and 2000. In 2016 this model “500 JAP” we offer here gets his own letter stamp from Principality of Liechtenstein designed by Mr. M. Heine. The Thun family have connections to Lichtenstein so we assume that’s the reason why they get his own letter stamp.

This M.T. is equipped with an Amal carburetor, Bosch MagDyno, 150mm diameter front and rear break, Tege seat, lighting set and a Burman 3 speed gearbox. It is an outstanding part of the Austrian motorcycle history comes with a lot of history and is in great shape. This rare 500 JAP runs wonderful.