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Magnat Debon 2¾hp 1911 346cc 1 cyl sv

€ 10.300

Magnat Debon 2¾hp 1911 346cc 1 cyl sv

Manufacturer: Magnat Debon

Model: 2¾hp

Year: 1910
Displacement: 346 cc
Cylinder: 1
Engine type: 4-stroke / sv

Engine number: 456

Joseph MAGNAT and Louis DEBON manufactured the first motorcycle in Grenoble, France in 1902. The brand was a pioneer in motorcycle manufacturing. This Magnat Debon has 346cc, which was "a lot" of displacement at the time. The bike is an unfinished restoration. A lot has been done, which makes it manageable to finish. All parts are present. The engine turns over and has good compression. An acetylene light and tool bag are included as a nice finishing touch.