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La Francaise Diamant c. 1929 350cc 1 cyl sv


La Francaise Diamant c. 1929 350cc 1 cyl sv

Manufacturer: La Francaise Diamant

Year: c. 1929
Displacement: 350 cc
Cylinder: 1 Zurcher
Engine type: 4-stroke / sv
Bore / Stroke: 71 x 89 mm

Engine number: 51685 MT

Founded in the late 19th Century as a bicycle manufacturer, La Française-Diamant is best known for its racing cycles, one of which carried Maurice Garin to victory in the inaugural Tour de France of 1903. During the company's early days as a motorcycle manufacturer, ZL proprietary engines were used while after WWI those of Zurcher were preferred. La Française-Diamant merged with Soyer in 1924 and a couple of years later was acquired by Alcyon, becoming part of the Gentil family's empire. Models branded 'La Française-Diamant' continued to be produced up to the mid-1950s, the two-stroke-engined Type 23 being essentially the same as the Alcyon model of the same name.

The engine and gearbox turns over. This bike is a project with no missing parts.