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FN M70 L Sahara c.1928 350cc 1 cyl sv

€ 3.950

FN M70 L Sahara c.1928 350cc 1 cyl sv

Manufacturer: FN

Model: M70 L Sahara

Year: c. 1928
Displacement: 350 cc
Cylinder: 1

Frame number: 44970
Engine number: 1112

We offer here the best-selling and well-proven model from FN. The bike was given the name Sahara because it was ridden from France to the Sahara and back. The bike is a project with missing parts. The engine turns. Due to the high number of pieces, spare parts are still easy to find to complete the machine. A nice detail is the original dealer and type plate. The type plate matches the engine and frame number.