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Excelsior 7C 1913 1000cc 2 cyl ioe

€ 53.700

Excelsior 7C 1913 1000cc 2 cyl ioe

Manufacturer: Excelsior

Model: 7C

Year: 1913
Displacement: 1000 cc
Cylinder: 2 / V-twin
Engine type: 4-stroke / ioe

Engine number: 42009

The famous American Excelsior motorcycle was manufactured by the Excelsior Motor Manufacturing Company in Chicago, Illinois from 1907 to 1931. The first Excelsior was a belt-driven, single-cylinder machine whose engine was part of the frame. The engine itself was an "F-Head" with intake over exhaust valves. This design was state of the art at the time and was used frequently. The year 1911 was a milestone in Excelsior's history, as the company was acquired by bicycle manufacturer Ignaz Schwinn and introduced its first V-twin model that year. In 1913, the 1000cc twin-cylinder 7C machine was offered with full chain drive.

The Excelsior was purchased by Mr. L. McWilliams, Ohio in the year about 1973 and restored by him. In the following year 1974 the motorcycle won the first prize at the AACA award. The winner's medal comes with the bike. Old pictures of the motorcycle are available as well as a letter from Mr. L. McWilliams. The machine is a legend of the golden age of the big V-twins from USA. The machine is ready to ride.