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Ducati 450 Scrambler 1975 450cc 1 cyl ohc


Ducati 450 Scrambler 1975 450cc 1 cyl ohc

Manufacturer: Ducati

Model: 450 Scrambler

Year: 1975
Displacement: 436 cc
Cylinder: 1
Engine type: 4-stroke / ohc
Bore / Stroke: 87 x 75 mm
Power: 27hp @ 6500 rpm
Compression Ratio: 1:9.3
Top Speed: 130 km/h

Frame number: 468483
Engine number: 463345

Ducati’s original Scrambler was range of single cylinder motorcycles made specifically for the North American market from 1962 until 1978. It underwent continual modification until 1968, when the true Scramblers with "wide-casing" engines were brought out, first in the 250 and 350 versions and then, in 1969, the 450. In the US, the 450 was called a "Jupiter". The only reason why the 450 Scrambler didn’t carry a 500 cc engine was because the crank throw wouldn’t clear the gearbox. The Scrambler series included a few bikes with Desmo cylinder heads and was subjected to continual technical adjustment right up until 1975, when production was halted. The reasons for the Scrambler's commercial success were manifold. The first Scramblers (1962-1967) were derived from modifying Ducati’s street-legal road bike models, and featured "narrow case" engines with lightly altered frames, but the concept actually belonged to Michael Berliner who had modified a Ducati Diana road bike for dirt-track racing. These early Scrambler models relied exclusively upon the 250 engine, and are generally referred to as "narrow case Scrambler’s". The second series Scrambler’s, built from 1986 onwards, used the wider engine case, and their frames were modified with experience derived from Bruno Spaggiari's factory racing bikes.

This Ducati runs great and is in excellent condition.