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DKW SB 500 Militäry 1935 494cc 2 cyl ts


DKW SB 500 Militäry 1935 494cc 2 cyl ts

Manufacturer: DKW

Model: SB 500 Militäry

Year: 1935
Displacement: 494 cc
Cylinder: 2
Engine type: 2-stroke
Bore / Stroke: 68 x 68 mm

Top Speed: 115 km/h

Frame number: 177002
Engine number: 952324

DKW was founded in Zschopau in 1919 by Danish engineer Jorgen Rasmussen and built its first motorcycle power unit, a single-cylinder, clip-on engine for bicycle attachment, in 1921. Designed by Hugo Ruppe, this 122cc motor was a two-stroke, and DKW would remain faithful to this engine type from then on, becoming world leaders in two-stroke design in the 1930s thanks to the prescient adoption of the Schnuerle loop-scavenge system. The latter used flat-topped pistons rather than the then-conventional deflector-crown type, relying on carefully angled transfer ports to direct the incoming charge around the cylinder. DKW was Continental Europe’s largest motorcycle maker at this time, manufacturing a huge and diverse range of road bikes during the 1930s.

This machine has been used by the Military and is an older restoration. It runs fine and is ready for the road.