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Condor Model 322 Populaire 1930 500cc 1 cyl ioe


Condor Model 322 Populaire 1930 500cc 1 cyl ioe

Manufacturer: Condor

Model: 322 Populaire

Year: 1930
Displacement: 500 cc
Cylinder: 1 MAG
Engine type: 4-stroke / ioe
Bore / Stroke: 82 x 94 mm

Weight: 162 kg

Frame number: 69659
Engine number: 1C9K6 102264

The Condor adventure started in 1893, when Edouard Scheffer, a Frenchman, built a factory for metal products in Courvaivre. In the same year, when he and his brother created a factory named “Scheffer Freres”, the English and the French knew the explosion of bicycle production. The Swiss postal services and the army began to buy these products, so there was plenty of space for this new kind of horseless vehicle. In order to meet the market demand, a small motorcycle - in fact a reinforced bicycle with 1.5 HP, no gears and no clutch - was developed. It could reach a top speed of 50 km/h. After it, two bigger sisters arrived, with 3 HP and 5 HP engines. The first step was made, so the factory changed its name in 1901, calling itself “Manufacture Suisse des Cycles et Motos” and after a while, “Condor-Werke-AG”

This machine is equipped with a Bosch lighting set, Alpha speedo, Alpha clock, Bosch horn and last but not least with a 500cc inlet over exhaust MAG engine. Its an older restoration and is a good runner.