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BSA Model S26 1926 500cc 1 cyl sv


BSA Model S26 1926 500cc 1 cyl sv

Manufacturer: BSA

Model: S26

Year: 1926
Displacement: 493 cc
Cylinder: 1
Engine type: 4-stroke / sv

Frame number: 60911
Engine number: M3205

At the end of the nineteen twenties the Motorcycle Industry grew immensely quick, in Britain. Resulting from this, a price competition established between the motorcycle manufacturers. At this time the cheaper Triumph Model P and the BSA model S26, were competing. You were able to choose between 15 solo models and 11 combinations. The solo machines ranged from a 249 cc side valve single to the 986 cc “Colonial” V-twin model. The 493cc was the most noted model and listed at about 45 pounds. This motorcycle is equipped with a BSA three-speed gearbox and with acetylene lighting.

This 1926 Model S26 is an older restoration and drives very well. The whole bike has an wonderful patina.