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BSA A65 Lightning 1971 650cc 2 cyl ohv


BSA A65 Lightning 1971 650cc 2 cyl ohv

Manufacturer: BSA

Model: A65 Lightning

Year: 1971
Displacement: 654 cc
Cylinder: 2
Engine type: 4-stroke / ohv
Bore / Stroke: 75 x 74 mm
Power: 52hp @ 7000 rpm
Weight: 179 kg
Top Speed: 180 km/h

Frame number: CE02237A65
Engine number: CE04879A65L

Introduced in 1962, the BSA A65 twin was the unit-construction follow-on to company's venerable A10 series. The powerplant retained the 360-degree crankshaft and single cam mounted at the rear of the cylinder block, but now engine internals and transmission were contained within a single set of cases. Marking it as a bold new step forward, the engine was treated to streamlined "power egg" styling. Soon the factory catalog would carry no fewer than 11 different models powered by the new-style engine, in both 500 and 650cc displacements. The first high-performance variant, the A65R Rocket, arrived in October of '63, aimed squarely at America's speed-obsessed throttle jockeys. It was superseded the following year by the yet-faster Lightning 650, first of the BSA unit twins to be equipped with the new splayed-port cylinder head fitted with dual carburetors.

This bike is in good shape and ready to have fun on the road.