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BMW R4 1935 400cc 1 cyl ohv


BMW R4 1935 400cc 1 cyl ohv

Manufacturer: BMW

Model: R4

Year: 1935
Displacement: 398 cc
Cylinder: 1
Engine type: 4-stroke / ohv
Power: 14hp
Weight: 137 kg

Frame number: P7106D
Engine number: 90378

The market situation and the German "Reichswehr" signaled a strong demand for single-cylinder 400cc motorcycles. BMW responded and constructed the R4. This model closed the gap between the large and small models at this time. The R4 was produced in 5 series from 1931 until 1936. There were always made some minor modifications from series to series. In the construction of R4 much tested and proven technology has been adopted by the smaller R2. The R4 has been known for long life and low maintenance. The bike was on steep slopes, sandy paths and heaviest off-road driving as made​​. The bike has the reputation of indestructibility. The 398ccm engine with a stroke of bore diameter of 78mm/84mm reached a very high torque and good acceleration. The R4 brought it with the 4-speed transmission to a top speed of 100km / h

Of the R4 15295 units were produced. This R4 has been electrically and mechanically completely restored.