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BMW R35 1950 340cc 1 cyl ohv


BMW R35 1950 340cc 1 cyl ohv

Manufacturer: BMW

Model: R35

Year: 1950
Displacement: 340 cc
Cylinder: 1
Engine type: 4-stroke / ohv
Power: 14hp
Weight: 155 kg

Frame number: 215081
Engine number: 215081

After BMW aircraft engines produced in 1923 started the production of motorcycles. BMW motorcycles were known for their build quality and robustness. They were at that time one of the most expensive motorcycles. The R4 with 400cc was the predecessor of the R35. The R35 with its 340cc and a bore diameter of 72mm / 84mm stroke was then designed to have a motorcycle on offer in the 350 cc class. It was a milestone on the part of the driving comfort. It was the first model that had a "right" front suspension with sliding tubes. The motorcycle reached with his 4 speed gearbox and shaft drive a highspeed of 100km / h This bike was manufactured in 1950. At this time Germany was occupied by the Soviet Union. The bike was completely restored mechanically and electrically. Some parts were the originals look again mounted. The speedo is the only thing was missing. The bike runs very well and starts first kick. Engine number and frame number match. There about 90,000 of the R35 were produced.