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BMW R2 c.1935 198cc 1 cyl ohv


BMW R2 c.1935 198cc 1 cyl ohv

Manufacturer: BMW

Model: R2

Year: c. 1935
Displacement: 198 cc
Cylinder: 1
Engine type: 4-stroke / ohv
Bore / Stroke: 63 x 64 mm
Power: 6hp @ 3.500 rpm
Compression Ratio: 1 : 6.7
Weight: 110 kg
Top Speed: 95 km/h
Production years: 1931 - 1936
Units: 15.200

Engine number: 13990

Recognising the need for a less expensive model to compliment its top-of-the-range twins, BMW introduced its first single-cylinder design – the R39 – in 1925. Powered by a 247cc overhead-valve engine, the R39 came with a three-speed gearbox, and featured shaft drive like the larger models. However, by BMW's standards the R39 was not a great success and this first single-cylinder model was discontinued at the end of 1926. However, the Depression years of the early 1930s brought with them the need for an even simpler - and cheaper - model to compete with the lightweight two-strokes mopping up the lucrative up-to-200cc market. BMW responded with another single, the R2, which appeared early in 1931 and sold well despite the difficult trading conditions. The R2's 198cc overhead-valve engine was housed in a pressed-steel frame similar in design to that of the twins, and like its larger brethren the single employed shaft final drive. Various improvements were made over the next few years as the R2 progressed through Series 1 to 5.

It was stored for many years in a dry garage and now waiting for the restoration of its new owner.