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Benelli 750 Sei 1978 747cc 6 cyl ohc


Benelli 750 Sei 1978 747cc 6 cyl ohc

Manufacturer: Benelli

Model: 750 Sei

Year: 1978
Displacement: 747 cc
Cylinder: 4
Engine type: 4-stroke / ohc
Power: 63hp @ 8.500 rpm
Weight: 235 kg
Top Speed: 200 km/h

Frame number: BC 7221
Engine number: BC 7202

Despite a racing heritage second to none, Benelli was in financial difficulty by the late 1960s, falling into the clutches of Argentinian industrialist Alejandro De Tomaso in 1971. Under De Tomaso's stewardship the revitalised company was soon grabbing the headlines with a host of new models, none more startling than the 750cc Sei (Six) of 1972, the world's first six-cylinder production motorcycle. The fact that Benelli was able to produce the design so quickly despite lacking previous experience of this type of engine was easily explained: it looked like a Honda CB500 'four' with two extra cylinders, which in effect was just what it was. Production proper began in 1974 but the Benelli was soon overshadowed by Honda's own CBX1000 six. The Italian company responded in 1980 with the 900 Sei, which used the original single-cam engine bored and stroked for a capacity of 905.9cc. Production of the 900 Sei ceased in 1987.

6 cylinder sound on a motorcycle? With this motorcycle it is possible. Benelli did well. This machine is an Austrian first delivery and was part of a well-known motorcycle museum for many years. Under the seat is an old oil change card with the date and mileage. Based on this information, it can be assumed that the mileage is original at 14,481km. The Benelli has complete papers from Austria and is ready to drive.