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Ariel W/NG 1942 350cc 1 cyl ohv


Ariel W/NG 1942 350cc 1 cyl ohv

Manufacturer: Ariel

Model: W/NG

Year: 1942
Displacement: 346 cc
Cylinder: 1
Engine type: 4-stroke / ohv
Bore / Stroke: 72 x 85 mm
Power: 17hp @ 5800 rpm
Weight: 169 kg

Frame number: XG38000
Engine number: BH28206

The Ariel W/NG entered service with the British Army in 1940. It was based on a racing version of the civilian Ariel NG. The French Army actually received a small number of early production models prior to the British Army. The French Ariel W/NGs were all found in their original shipping crates in a warehouse in Ostend, France in 1945. They were returned to England and sold as surplus shortly after the end of World War II. The military Ariel W/NGs were manufactured with increased ground clearance as well as modifications to a number of internal and external components. The crankcase, gearbox, chain-case cover and timing-cover were produced in pressed-steel as opposed to light-alloys used in the civilian models (light-alloys became a priority material in the production of military aircraft). The dry-clutch had an extra plate added to increase durability. The rear sub-frame was altered to lower the rear wheel and the front fork girders were extended, resulting in the Ariel W/NG’s aforementioned increased ground clearance. These modifications and the W/NG’s relatively light weight resulted in very good off-road performance. The Ariel W/NG was produced in large numbers for the British Army, Navy and Home Guard units. VH & VG (500 OHV singles), NH & NG (350 OHV singles), and even the VB (598 cc or 36.5 cu in SV single) models were put into military service. Ariel produced the model W/NG from 1940-44.

This attractive maschine is equipped with an Smiths Speedo, Lucas electrical system and a 4 speed gearbox. The maschine runs well and has been restored some years ago.