Zündapp DBK 250 1938 250cc 1 cyl ts                                  


    Zündapp DBK 250 1938 250cc 1 cyl ts

    Manufacturer: Zündapp               Model: DBK 250
    Year: 1938
    Capacity: 247cc
    Engine type: 2-stroke
    Cylinders: 1
    Power: 8.5 hp
    Weight: 124 kg

    Engine number: 26829
    Frame number: 311059


    The company Zündapp was founded in 1917 by Dr. Fritz Neumeyer and Friedrich Krupp. From 1938, the "DBK 250" was manufactured in Nürnberg. The demand was so great that at this time we are hardly complied with production. The variant / form of DBK was one mile stone for the other models between 50 cc and 250 cc. The "DBK 250" had a bore diameter of 67 mm and a stroke of 70 mm, one of the larger models with two-stroke engine. The engine with its 8.5 HP and its 3 speed gearbox brought it to an impressive 90km/h.

    The DBK 250 were produced by 1938 until 1941.
    7151 pieces of this model were produced.

    The gears of the transmission switch is good. The motor has a good compression.
    It is a restoration project.

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