NSU 251 OSL 1938 250cc 1 cyl ohv                                             sold 

    NSU 251 OSL 1938 250cc 1 cyl ohv

    Manufacturer: NSU
    Model: 251 OSL
    Year: 1938
    Capacity: 242cc
    Engine type: 4-stroke / ohv
    Cylinders: 1
    Power: 10.5hp@5000rpm
    Weight: 135kg
    Topspeed: 100km/h

    Frame number: 1088511
    Engine number: 356172

    NSU was one of the biggest motorcycle manufacturers in Germany. NSU has been founded in 1873 and produced bicycles in first step. At the beginning of the 1900 century NSU was very involved in developed in motorcycles and begun to produce bikes. NSU was one of the first manufacturer of motorized bikes in Germany. They develop   it´s motorcycle in amazing speed. In 1933 NSU catalogued the model NSU 251 OSL first time. This model has been produced from 1933 – 1943 and resume the production from 1947. The last 251 OSL left its work 1952.

    This NSU 251 OSL has many of lovely details and has been restored with careful years ago. 

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