Miele Gentleman Model 720 1939 98cc 1 cyl ts                           sold

    Miele Gentleman Model 720 1939 98cc 1 cyl ts

    Manufacturer: Miele
    Model: Gentleman Model 720
    Year: 1939
    Displac.: 98cc Fichtel & Sachs
    Engine type: 2-stroke
    Cylinders: 1
    Bore/stroke: 48x54mm
    Power: 3hp@4000rpm

    Weight: 62kg
    Fuel consumption: 1.5l/100km
    Top speed: 60km/h

    Frame number: 647213
    Engine number: 561325

    Carl Miele and Reinhard Zinkann decide in June 1898 to set up Miele & Cie., a factory to make cream separators. In 1924 Miele introduction in bicycle production at the Bielefeld factory. Several years late Miele fitted it´s bicycle with an engine. During the next years there are a wide range of motorized bicycles models are available. 1939 Miele catalogued the 420 Gentleman model, 620 Ladies model and many other models. Miele used two stroke 98cc engines from Fichtel & Sachs. The last bikes left it´s works in 1960.

    This Miele 720 gentleman model has been restored years ago. 

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