Magnat Debon "Course" racer c.1912 441cc 1 cyl ohv


    Magnat Debon "Course" racer c.1912 441cc 1 cyl ohv

    Manufacturer: Magnat Debon
    Model: "Course" racer
    Year: c.1911/1912
    Bore/Stroke: 75x100mm
    Capacity: 441cc
    Engine type: 4-stroke / ohv
    Cylinders: 1
    Weight: 48kg
    Topspeed: 115km/h

    Frame number: 5924
    Engine number: OLA 1061


    Grenoble factory, founded in 1893 by Joseph Magnat and Louis Debon to build bicycles. Soon after the turn of the century the firm began experimenting with motorised cycles, leading to production, by 1906, with their own engines, as well as Moser and Moto Reve units. By 1912, thy were building ohv singles followed, just before WW1, by an ohv V-twin.1911 and 1912 Magnat Debon was very successful in racing.

    Magnat Debon were advanced thinkers, who developed a telescopic frint fork and experimented with wheel rim mounted disc type brake before WW1. During the inter-war  years they built commuter-type motorcycles and ohv sporting singels, some of which, stripped for racing, did well in the hands of riders like Paul Boetsch. Magnat Debon was taken over by the Dijon firm of Terrot in c1930.

    After WW2, much of the Magnat Debon range looked like that of Terrot and comprised mopeds, two-stroke scooters an up to 500cc motorcycles. Their last ohv 499cc single, built in unit with a four-speed gearbox, was cracking touring motorycle.

    This racer is one of only five surviving "Course" examples. It has been restored some years ago to a very high standard and is still in fine condition. This maschine is very fast with his impressive ohv engine.



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