L´Universel 175cc c.1901 1 cyl aiv                                            sold 

    L´Universel 175cc c.1901 1 cyl aiv

    Manufacturer: L´Universel
    Year: 1901/1902
    Displacement: 175cc
    Engine type: 4-stroke / aiv
    Cylinders: 1
    Stroke: 60mm
    Bore: 61mm

    Engine number: 229


    L´Universel was a very early manufacturer of clip on engines in france. They produced only from 1901 till 1902. L´Universel was specialized in clip on engine for bicycle. They used for their engine carburettors manufactured by FN. Unfortunately nearly nothing is known about the history of this brand.

    The frame of this bike is from later years approximately 1906/1907. It is engined with a L´Universel 175cc clip on engine from 1901/1902. The engine has been fitted in this motorcycle frame some years later. The brass plate on the silencer reads "OSSANT´F in PUTEAUX, CHAUDRONNIERS". Both wheels has a dimension of 28x1,5 inch. The rear brake system have been supplied from "L´Auto" type "Cydiste". The rear hub has a freewheeling pinion. This tyres was a product of "Clermont-Ferrand"  approx. year 1880. The tire brand still exists but today they produced tyres under the well known name "Michelin". 

    This bike has been stored on a dry place many of years.