Indian Scout 1926 600cc 2 cyl sv                                                sold

    Indian Scout 1926 600cc 2 cyl sv

    Manufacturer: Indian
    Model: Scout
    Year: 1926
    Capacity: 600cc
    Engine type: 4-stroke / sv
    Cylinders: 2 / V-twin
    Bore/Stroke: 69.8x77.7mm
    Power: 13hp@3500rpm
    Weight: 154kg
    Topspeed: 90km/h

    Frame number: NB3654
    Engine number: 55X964

    A smaller Indian v-twin model, the 37cu in (600cc) Scout, joined the existing 61cu in (1,000cc) Powerplus twin for 1920. In a somewhat unusual departure, this new smaller Indian twin featured primary drive by helical gears, rather than the more usual chain, and soon gained a reputation for indestructibility: “You can’t wear out an Indian Scout,” claimed the company’s advertising. In other respects the sidevalve v-twin motor followed the successful Powerplus formula. Detachable cylinder heads were the Scout’s big news for 1925 and two years later a 45 cu in (750cc) variant arrived, to be followed in April 1928 by the 101 Scout. The latter featured a revised 750cc engine in a new, longer-wheelbase frame, and this medium-weight sports model would prove an immense success for the Springfield firm, so much so that its replacement in 1931 by a heavier Chief-framed model was greeted with dismay. In 1932, a smaller, 30.5cu in (500cc) Junior Scout was introduced and this model - referred to as the Scout Pony from 1937 and the Thirty-Fifty from 1940 - continued in production into the war years alongside a revitalised 45cu in Sport Scout.

    The Indian V-Twin mediated the picture of THE real American motorcycle. This 600cc Scout has been restored years ago to high standard. This bike has full equipment and is fitted with a lighting set, Schebler carburetor and a Corbin speedo. It is waiting to be driven on the road.

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