Dresch Monobloc 1931 500cc 2 cyl sv                                         sold


    Dresch Monobloc 1931 500cc 2 cyl sv

    Manufacturer: Dresch
    Model: Monobloc
    Year: 1931
    Displacement: 499cc
    Engine type: 4-stroke / sv
    Cylinders: 2
    Bore/stroke: 64x77mm
    Power: 14hp@3500rpm
    Top speed: 105km/h
    Weight: 160kg

    Frame number: 1710
    Engine number: 2110

    Herni Dresch was the founder of this make and produced motorcycles from 1923 till 1948. Till 1928 he was involved with the make “ le Grimpeur”  (“ the climbing bird “) and from 1928 he built machines under his own name. The Dresch models ranged from 175cc - 500cc. Dresch used a wide variety of engines from small two strokes to the top model engine vertical twin and four-in-line configurations. The model Monobloc was very popular of the Parisian gendarmerie. The civilian motorcycle enthusiast like also this bikes as well. The model "P.S." was the smallest and the "Monobloc" was the top model of the Dresch range.

    The typical feature of this model are the pressed steel front forks, the shaft drive and the exceptional frame layout. The engine produced 14hp and transmit it´s power with the 3 speed gear box to the rear wheel. Dresch produced this model from 1930 till 1938.

    This bike has been restored and is full equipped with a full electrical lighting system.


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