AJS Model D Combination 1924 800cc 2 cyl sv                     23.950€ 

AJS Model D Combination 1924 800cc 2 cyl sv

Manufacturer: AJS
Model: D / 7hp
Year: 1924
Capacity: 799cc V-twin
Engine type: 4-stroke / sv
Cylinders: 2
Bore/stroke: 74x93mm

Frame number: 23832
Engine number: 15590

Formerly suppliers of proprietary engines, the Stevens brothers of Wolverhampton diversified into manufacturing complete motorcycles, setting up A J Stevens & Co in 1909. Endowed with an effortlessly flexible motor and built to A J Stevens' traditionally high standards, the firm's long-running V-twin was one of the most effective and popular sidecar tugs of its day. First seen in 631cc form in 1912, the V-twin remained a fixture of the AJS range into the early 1930s, latterly with a 998cc engine. In 1924 AJS catalogued the models B/B1/B5 with 349cc side valve, B3 349cc overhead valve, B4 competition 349cc overhead valve and the flag ship model D with 799cc V-twin side valve.

This comfortable 1924 AJS combination is fitted with a Amac carburetor, Smiths speedo, Thompson Bennet magneto and a spare wheel on the sidecar. This 800cc V-twin bears a lot of patina and is lovely running condition.

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